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Naturaleighmade Patreon, this is it!

Good morning peeps it’s a brand new day and I’m happy to share a nice little spot I have been occupying….my Patreon!!


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One goal, one passion – Floam!

Floam is a slimy substance with polystyrene beads in it that kids can mold into shapes. You can sculpt with it or use it to coat other objects.

In 1994, Nickelodeon and Mattel first manufactured Floam, originally called “bubble-gak”, a compound composed of “microbeads” in a foam-like substance. It came in different colors. RoseArt sold Floam for a very brief time in 2002. It was sold once again from 2005–2007 but without Nickelodeon branding.

Floam is also one of those therapeutic substances that can improve dexterity, hand/finger strength, and fulfill sensory stimulus needs for children of adults with those specific areas of need.

The variety of colors is abundant and readily available in your NaturaLeighMade store!